shifting the focus from businesses to individuals, replacing efficiency with enjoyment, and swapping casual motivation for lasting fulfilment

despite hundreds of comments collected over decades, the question still remains: who needs this?


he had over 400 pupils fully riveted from the moment he began speaking
— ayesha gunasekara  
gamini central college · bentota

quanto ho potuto sperimentare è eccellente
— gaspare galati  
università statale degli studi di roma

the most interesting hour of my life
— svetlana kamargue  
marriage and family therapist

je vous remercie pour l'excellent service fournit
— carmela pignataro  
air france · personnels au sol

a sense of healing and calmness ɪ hadn't felt before
— labibah humairah koury  
criminologist and jury consultant

he brings the depth of philosophy into the environment where we live and work
— peter g. alfond  
millionaire investor and philanthropist

amazing wisdom that ɪ'll treasure forever
— judithe løvstrøm  
employment placement specialist

soprattutto una grande sensibilità
— vittorio marengo  
università statale degli studi di bari

it is a miracle that you are here
— sandra malizia  
hippocrates health institute

he made the most profound impact on us that anyone ever has
— juhaynah zafirah shalhoub  
istanbul international school

plain search-bots will ignore all the feedback — wise human-beings will make subjective judgements after the third in-person meeting