informal and engaging conversations to foster self-confidence and mutual respect, with meaningful questions to develop creative thinking

a unique access to inspiring insights, solid ideas, and approaches from different cultures, to take action at the right time

the most beloved talks

everything else is secondary

each single person begins life with such confidence and desire to do something great and wonderful, but slowly gets smothered and told «who to be» by people who think they know what's best for others, when generally these people don't ever know what's right for themselves

telling real stories of ordinary people doing extraordinary things that matter to them, this session describes how to move desires from idle wishes and hopes to reality

failing better to succeed

we try so hard to be perfect, to never make mistakes and to avoid failure at all costs; but defeats happen — an essential stage in the individual's progress toward lucrative self-fulfilment, with a profound impact on future behaviour

by taking a deeper and honest look at famous people who have failed several times, this session describes how to develop resilience and robustness alongside feelings of confidence, and discusses the forces that motivate everyone's actions

love never gives ultimatums

relationships go well beyond the romantic and involve every aspect of the human experience; and love does not begin with two people, in fact it begin with oneself…  few misconceptions prevent the present generation from establishing and maintaining a strong bond with even one person

an intimate mix of personal and business experiences, this session answers a myriad of questions pertaining to some of life's more puzzling conflicts concerning parents, siblings, friends, school or/and work

always distrust the mirror

the picture of our body that we have in mind might not match our body's actual shape — there is no truly «ideal» body type — what if the world were blind?

because ultimately beautiful has nothing to do with a person's looks, this session encourages to think about body image in different ways, and discusses the perception of beauty and the role of social media in body (dis)satisfaction